Monday, July 06, 2009

TdF Day 3

I finally reached the point in my gradient where the fibers have both black and pink in them, where the colour runs on the top met. Most of it has both colours in one staple lenght, in little handfuls of fiber. So I thought that was an acceptable reason to use pre-drafting. I grabbed many, many of these puffs and pre-drafted them together, then divided in 4, pre-drafted the 4 pieces together again, repeated a few times, and pulled the fiber through a diz, to have a (kinda) cohesive strip of fiber again. It's about the same thickness as the original top, but less compact. And not completely cohesive, but I think that's because it's superwash, and 50% tencel.
It a little like roving pulled from batts:

The little ball are the singles from days 1&2, with the baby pink end of the gradient on the outside. I have since then started spinning singles from the new strips of fiber, navajo-plied the first singles, and dipped my toes on the black silk for the other project.

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knottygnome said...

i'm in great admiration of your spindle abilities. i've never quite been able to get the hang of it.