Thursday, July 31, 2008

Cousin It.

Cousin it

It makes me feel old that people only relate this pic to the dead girl from The Ring.
Happy HNT.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Told ya she was a killer

I knew it was all too easy to be true. Disaster finally struck my Quenn Anne's Lace. There was a whole group of stitches in the wrong place, a mess so big I didn't even understand what was going on. I tried fixing the stitches one by one and only made things worse. I tried dropping the cluster 1 round but the problem was either 4 or 5 rounds below. 
So I was getting ready for 1 day of tinking when I decided to drop everything till the point where I was sure things were right.
Eu sabia que tava tudo muito fácil pra ser verdade. Finalmente um erro grande apareceu no meu xale. Tinha um grupo inteiro de pontos fora do lugar. A renda simplesmente não alinhava do jeito que os outros grupos alinhavam, e tava tudo tão errado que eu nem conseguia ver onde o erro estava. Eu tentei consertar derrubando e refazendo um ponto de cada vez, mas só piorava tudo, porque o problema começou 4 ou 5 carreiras abaixo de onde eu estava.
Eu já estava me preparando pra desfazer as 5 carreiras ponto por ponto, 1 dia inteiro só desfazendo, quando eu decidi derrubar tudo que estava errado e tentar refazer só essa sessão.
Fixing lace mistake
I turned my nerves into jelly, got a headache from this car that passes by my street each 2 minutes playing jingles for a political campaign, got interrupted by my clueless flatmate 5 times, but 15 minutes later, all was well again!
Foi um drama, carro de som passando com propraganda política o tempo todo, minha colega interrompendo o tempo todo, mas eu consegui consertar o problema! Em 15 minutos!
Lace mistake fixed

Killer Queen

Killer Queen
My Queen Anne's Lace shawl is officially cleared of all charges of causing me allergies. I still don't know what is making me sick, but it's not the silk yarn. I can go on and finish the shawl now.
Using surface area, with number of rounds as the value of the radius, I calculated that 10% of this shawl was knit in hospital waiting rooms already...

Oi, gente, meu xale foi finalmente inocentado: não é o fio que tá causando alergia. Aliás, ainda não sei qual é o problema da minha garganta, mas alergia não é. Pelo menos agora eu posso terminar o xale em paz. Eu calculei a área total e o que já fiz, e até agora 10% do xale foi tricotado em salas de espera de hospital...

Anyway: Happy HNT.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Till the end

A half-hearted post with an old photo, but that's just to show that I'm still around. I've been sick for the last 3 weeks, and getting worse since last week, but today things start to look better.
That's a project I haven't worked on for some time, but it's not abandoned at all! I'm actually way more advanced on it than the photo shows. I'd say I have 80% of the top knit, but the last 20% require some mad maths skillz and I didn't feel like thinking about it yet. But the pic from the beginning looks better than the ones I tried to take later.

Beaded cami progress
I don't know when, but I'm going to finish this sometime soon.
Misquoted song of the day: Até o fim.

Quando nasci veio um anjo safado / when I was born a naughty angel
O chato do querubim / that damned cherub
Que decretou que eu estava predestinado / who said I fated
A ser errado assim / to be wrong like this
Já de saída a minha estrada entortou / from the beginning my path was twisted
Mas vou até o fim / but I'll go on till the end