Thursday, July 10, 2008

Till the end

A half-hearted post with an old photo, but that's just to show that I'm still around. I've been sick for the last 3 weeks, and getting worse since last week, but today things start to look better.
That's a project I haven't worked on for some time, but it's not abandoned at all! I'm actually way more advanced on it than the photo shows. I'd say I have 80% of the top knit, but the last 20% require some mad maths skillz and I didn't feel like thinking about it yet. But the pic from the beginning looks better than the ones I tried to take later.

Beaded cami progress
I don't know when, but I'm going to finish this sometime soon.
Misquoted song of the day: Até o fim.

Quando nasci veio um anjo safado / when I was born a naughty angel
O chato do querubim / that damned cherub
Que decretou que eu estava predestinado / who said I fated
A ser errado assim / to be wrong like this
Já de saída a minha estrada entortou / from the beginning my path was twisted
Mas vou até o fim / but I'll go on till the end


Baby said...

I am envious of the skill you have with knitting!!! Nice belly shot too :) Hope you feel better soon! HHNT!!!!

Osbasso said...

Glad you're here, but sorry you're ill. Hope it gets cleared up quickly!

Anonymous said...

looks good from here old pic or not.

Hope you feel better soon!

lecram sinun said...

That's cool. Cheers and Happy HNT!

Helga Hansen said...

What you've knitted so far looks great! Make sure we get to see the finished article, and good luck with the complicated maths bit!

Hope you feel better soon, too! Happy belated-HNT!

André Tavares said...

Obrigado pela visita e comentário no blog. Respondi seu comentário - peço desculpas desde já. As explicações (se há alguma possível) estão na resposta. Abraço.