Monday, September 22, 2008

Bayfield Apple

I have my first good handspun yarn! 
Yarn Love Handspun - Bayfield Apple
Fiber: Yarn Love's Marianne Roving (superwash merino)
Colourway: Bayfield Apple
181.5 yards (176m) of 3-ply fingering weight
That should be roughly 2oz, and I'm still spinning the other half of the roving. It will be enough for a nice pair of socks. 
The pic was taken before setting the twist. Now that I did it, I see that the yarn is slightly overplied, but close enough to balance to be used, and the extra twist will help with resistance. The dyes bled just a tiny bit in the hot water. I could only see a bit of red, but the pale green is almost yellow. It's almost dry now, and I can't stop staring and fondling and drooling over how soft and yarny it is, even though I made it myself.
Meu primeiro fio de verdade! Fiado a mão, na espessura certa pra fazer meias, 181.5 jardas (176m) de fio de lã. Ainda tô fiando a outra metade da lã, mas quando terminar vai ser o suficiente pra um par de meias! Eu tô especialmente feliz porque consegui planejar desde o começo e acertar a espessura planejada, mesmo que sorte tenha ajudado um pouco.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Still around

I haven't been feeling like blogging lately, and part of it is that I feel a little guilty about not having finished the Ravelympics shawl yet, not having blocked the Queen Anne's Lace shawl yet, or even touched any of the UFOs I have going on. BUT that doesn't mean I haven't done anything in this time.
Eu não tô escrevendo muito esses dias, por uma série de motivos. Parte deles é que eu me sinto culpada de negligenciar vários projetos que mencionei no blog e deixei de lado por enquanto, porque eu comecei a fazer meias. Terminei o par aí embaixo agorinha:
I'm in a sock frenzy. I just finished these:
Wavy socks
Pattern: Wavy socks, by Amy King, in The Knitter's Book of Yarn
Yarn: Mirage, merino/tencel blend, The Natural Dye Studio (I can't find the yarn since the day I ordered. Maybe it was discontinued.)
Needles: 2.5mm
The yarn is very shiny and has a very subtle variegation that I love, but it's not camera friendly. Like fairies, if you really believe it, you can see the variegation in this second pic:
A linha é bem brilhosa e tem uma variação de cor sutil demais pra fotografar, mas eu acho que dá pra ver na segunda foto.
Wavy socks
Not so subtle is the variegation on the first pair of socks I made, the week before I started these:
O outro par que eu fiz antes desse já não é tão sutil:
blackthorn socks
I made these with Pigeonroof Studio yarn, 100% merino wool, in a toe-up plain stockinette pattern with short-row heels, on 2mm needles. I absolutely love these, and I've been wearing them for a week. Good thing that I finished a second pair. At least now I can alternate them.
A peek on what the future holds:
One of the Yarn Love rovings I just received this week from Sonny and Shear. As soon as my spindle arrives I'm going back to spinning and, hopefully, will have some rainbow yarn to make socks with. (What can I say? I love handknit socks now.)
E logo, logo, eu vou voltar a fiar, assim que receber meu fuso. Eu tenho dois pacotes de lã tingida esperando pra virarem mais meias.