Monday, September 22, 2008

Bayfield Apple

I have my first good handspun yarn! 
Yarn Love Handspun - Bayfield Apple
Fiber: Yarn Love's Marianne Roving (superwash merino)
Colourway: Bayfield Apple
181.5 yards (176m) of 3-ply fingering weight
That should be roughly 2oz, and I'm still spinning the other half of the roving. It will be enough for a nice pair of socks. 
The pic was taken before setting the twist. Now that I did it, I see that the yarn is slightly overplied, but close enough to balance to be used, and the extra twist will help with resistance. The dyes bled just a tiny bit in the hot water. I could only see a bit of red, but the pale green is almost yellow. It's almost dry now, and I can't stop staring and fondling and drooling over how soft and yarny it is, even though I made it myself.
Meu primeiro fio de verdade! Fiado a mão, na espessura certa pra fazer meias, 181.5 jardas (176m) de fio de lã. Ainda tô fiando a outra metade da lã, mas quando terminar vai ser o suficiente pra um par de meias! Eu tô especialmente feliz porque consegui planejar desde o começo e acertar a espessura planejada, mesmo que sorte tenha ajudado um pouco.


mi said...

Jackie, estou radiante por você!
E a cor ficou linda,parabéns de novo!Bel

Rosi said...

Belíssimo.Quero ver depois,tecido.