Wednesday, October 06, 2010


I've been feeling guilty for the lack of posts, and always planning an awesome comeback that never appeared, so I'll just cut it and show what's going on with my spindles:
The Sassy Sheep sw merino in Katie's Rainbow on the Schacht, undyed tussah silk from World or Wool on the Jenkins Turkish Delight, blue tussah from Wingham Wool Work being plied on the Hound Dervish (singles were spun on a Bosworth Featherweight.)
Fiber Optic Siren Song Unspun (after handcarding) on the Gripping Yarn russian, AbbyBatts in Estreno on the pink ivory Spanish Peacock russian, just-begun Ashland Bay in McKenzie on the tulipwood Spanish Peacock (not sure if I'll go on with this fiber/spindle combo yet.)


suse-the-slow-knitta said...

oooh pretty!

Pham said...

Both pictures are full of win. You appear to be amazingly consistent.

colorlessblue said...

Thanks! I'm consistent enough for my purposes, and to look ok in pics, If you looked at them IRL they're very uneven, though.