Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Simi Wings

So, this is my new shawl:
Last year, I was going through the Dark-Hunter series of books, and at some point my favourite character, the Simi, was wearing pink and black striped socks. I thought that would be a good idea to spin and knit a pair like that, and I wanted to try spinning a superwash merino/tencel blend, so I ordered some of that custom dyed by FiberOptic. I asked her for fiber alternating zones of pinks, black and grays. When the fiber arrived here, I thought it was so shiny it just kept screaming LACE at me. I didn't want striped lace, though, so I broke the top, separating the colours, and spun the pieces in order of light to dark.
It looked like this:
It ended up like this:
And then I had to choose what to do with it. I remembered how, in one scene on Dance with the Devil, Simi appears with black and blue wings, and I imagined them with wing tips being the darkest part. I chose the Lutea pattern, from Oceanwind Knits (Rav-link here), and modified it to maximize the yardage I had.
My favourite little detail of this pattern is the knitted-as-you-go leafy upper border:
But I absolutely love the Lotus Lace on the center, and the way it looks round and fluid and angular at the same time:
It took me a little calculation and charting paper to jump from Lotus Lace to the final border:
And honestly, this picture came out at a weird angle but I just can't get enough of this shawl:
And I haven't pointed out yet, but did you notice how SHINY it is? The Simi likes SHINY!
It came out huge, too, but I fail at using the timer and the focus at the same time for modelled pics, so here's a night pic with the webcam:
I think it's pretty even in the dark.
I'm imensely proud of this shawl, because it's the most hands on work I've ever done. Both the spinning and the knitting took a lot of planning, and except for the fact that it's bigger than I expected, which means better than I expected, everything else came out exactly as I wanted. I love my Simi shawl.


Rina said...

Very very very gorgeous!!!

Octopus Knits said...

How lovely! Great job with the spinning, the pattern choosing and modification, and the knitting - it really came out well :)

knottygnome said...

wow, that is amazingly gorgeous! congratulations!

Jamie Longstreth Fritz said...

You should be proud of it, it's absolutely gorgeous!

colorlessblue said...

Thanks, everybody! I'm very happy with it.

Marie-Jolie said...

That turned out absolutely gorgeous! I love the lotus lace. :)

Found you from a comment on another blog and just thought I'd swing by and share a little bloggy love today. Have a good one!

Marie Greene,
from Permission to Unwind