Monday, August 24, 2009

What a surprise

This looks pretty:
if you like orange. Which I don't. But it made me think of a beach sunset, as if the bottom of the cop were beach sand, going up to the sea, reflecting a little of the sun on the horizon and the sky still blue on the top. Except I don't even like sunsets, because they're orange. And yellow. I don't even know why I dyed this fiber in this way. Still, the damage was done, so I spun it.
And kept spinning (there was still orange)
The orange never left. Maybe I was in denial, because I kept thinking maybe when I plied I'd suddenly like it because it would look pretty.
Not so much. I guess everybody disagrees with me, and seeing these pictures, I disagree with myself and think it's a little cute. It looks all primary colours and happiness and little fish. But the cake is a lie, and I think these pics totally fail to capture just how hideous this yarn looks IRL. It looks dirty and muddy. Seriously, while I was plying, my thoughts kept getting grimmer and grosser with each yard. At some point, I thought it looked like someone had chewed on all the art yarns that I most dislike, swallowed it with Fanta, then puked and spun the result in even, nice, perfect singles. It was a fight to finish plying after that.
Still, I have one good thing to look forward now:
Whacking! I love whacking. I wish I could whack everyday. I'd be so much more relaxed. As would the yarn.

sw merino, 125g, 393 yards

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