Sunday, August 10, 2008

Ravelympics 1

I signed up for the Ravelympics for the Team Ankh-Morpork Knitters' Guild, and started knitting for the Shawl Relay on Friday Evening, about 8 hours after the starting time (the start of the Olympic Games opening ceremony). I'm knitting an Igorized Shawl (the Summer Sampler Study, modified for my yarn and with a Discworld theme). So far, I have 2 of the lace patterns ready.
The first panel (Hurricane Fence originally) is my Watchhouse Cells lace:
Photo 118
Second pattern (the Garden Trellis) represents the Sapient Pear Tree Leaves:
Sapient pear tree leaves
So far things are going almost twice as far as I had planned, even though I had a delay on the first day.


was said...
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Marcia Hilleshein said...

Lindos trabalhos! Nossa, suas agulhas são à jato!?! rsrs.
Logo volto para ver seu desafio totalmente pronto!